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FAQXS CHINA CO., LTD is the branch office of FAQXS FRANCE. FAQXS FRANCE was found by Mr. Bernard BOURRY in 2007 in France. Before creating the company, Mr. Bernard BOURRY has 30 years of work experience, related to different fields, including machinery, plastics, medical and other industries. Since the establishment, the main business of FAQXS FRANCE is to find Chinese suppliers for European companies, quality inspection and arrange export. FAQXS FRANCE is responsible for contact with the European companies, for better efficiency and better service; while FAQXS CHINA is responsible for contact with Chinese factories, quality inspection and arrange export.

In a word, FAQXS is a company offering a range of services, we find the factory for European companies to meet their desire to purchase directly from the factory (never from trading company), at the same time not worry about the integrity of factories, difficulty of communication, quality of product, as FAQXS CHINA will deal with all these matters. Before each delivery, FAQXS CHINA will give an official Inspection Report of goods, and goods could only be delivered after the agreement of European companies.

Our principle is not to find trading companies, we search factories only, we evaluate the factories, and choose the most suitable one. We are not aimed to search for the largest factory, and we are not aimed to find the cheapest either, we only choose the most suitable one, considering integrity, quality and price.

Meanwhile, FAQXS CHINA also helps European companies to study the Chinese market, if any European company is interested in the huge Chinese market. FAQXS CHINA could make the market research to know the market prospects , looking for Chinese buyers, and arrange import for Chinese buyers.


JIAXING RHINELAND IMP.& EXP.CO.,LTD. is found by FAQXS company and its Chinese partner. Currently, many Chinese factories havn’t the right for export, so the goods could be export via JIAXING RHINELAND IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. In this way, it also protects the interests of European companies. On the other hand, JIAXING RHINELAND IMP.& EXP.CO.,LTD. satisfies our demand of importing products from Europe, and we will strengthen the function of import in future. JIAXING RHINELAND IMP.& EXP.CO.,LTD. also cooperates with FAQXS CHINA to popularize the European products in China.

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